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I spent the weekend getting to know my new camera. :)

photo safari! )

See the rest at my Flickr account [here]!
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I have a new camera!! I am so excited!! My old camera gave up the ghost in May and it took me this long to come up with the money and find a new one that suited me. I ended up getting the newer model of my old camera, which I loved, so I am quite happy! In honor of this felicitous occasion, here are links to five of my favorite photography websites.

  • click! Photography Changes Everything ~ A Smithsonian online exhibit featuring essays and stories about the impact of photography on the many aspects of our lives. I love all these different perspectives and thoughts on photography.

  • ashes and snow ~ Amazing photography. Breath-taking. You absolutely must do the enhanced version if your browser/connection supports it. And prepare to lose yourself in there for quite a while.

  • RECOLLECTION: Thirty Years of Photography at the New York Public Library ~ Online exhibit from the NYPL. The "thirty years" refers to when photography was formally recognized "as a distinct research category and collecting division" at the NYPL, which did not occur until 1980. The photographs themselves span a much longer timescape.

  • Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) ~ I am a huge astronomy geek, so I love having another snippet of sky to wonder at every day.

  • Flickr ~ Online photo sharing site. Besides being full of so many wonderful photos (from individuals and institutions), Flickr helped me define my own photography. I also enjoy doing searches for random keywords and seeing what turns up...

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