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I have a new camera!! I am so excited!! My old camera gave up the ghost in May and it took me this long to come up with the money and find a new one that suited me. I ended up getting the newer model of my old camera, which I loved, so I am quite happy! In honor of this felicitous occasion, here are links to five of my favorite photography websites.

  • click! Photography Changes Everything ~ A Smithsonian online exhibit featuring essays and stories about the impact of photography on the many aspects of our lives. I love all these different perspectives and thoughts on photography.

  • ashes and snow ~ Amazing photography. Breath-taking. You absolutely must do the enhanced version if your browser/connection supports it. And prepare to lose yourself in there for quite a while.

  • RECOLLECTION: Thirty Years of Photography at the New York Public Library ~ Online exhibit from the NYPL. The "thirty years" refers to when photography was formally recognized "as a distinct research category and collecting division" at the NYPL, which did not occur until 1980. The photographs themselves span a much longer timescape.

  • Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) ~ I am a huge astronomy geek, so I love having another snippet of sky to wonder at every day.

  • Flickr ~ Online photo sharing site. Besides being full of so many wonderful photos (from individuals and institutions), Flickr helped me define my own photography. I also enjoy doing searches for random keywords and seeing what turns up...
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Autumn is my most favorite time of year! I could go on forever about my love of autumn, but here are five reasons why:
  1. The colors! As a California girl, I grew up with very few color-changing trees around me and the ones that did change were not terribly impressive. This is my ninth autumn (in non-consecutive years) on the East Coast and I am still enthralled by the vibrant multitude of colors.
  2. And of course with colored leaves, there are falling leaves! I love the sound of leaves crunching underfoot.
  3. The way the afternoon sunlight falls through the leaves and makes them glow.
  4. That particular shade of autumn blue in the sky. It may be whimsical, but I really can see a different shade of blue in autumn skies.
  5. The colder temperatures that mean it's time for sweaters and scarves and coats, and that delicious crispness in the air that makes a hot cup of tea even more delectable.

Autumn colours
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  1. A moment Two years in time: I was fascinated by [this post] at the indicommons blog showing how cartography changed in a two-year span in the 1980s. Life-altering changes used to take decades or longer, but now they can happen almost in the blink of an eye. It's amazing to actually see many such differences within my own lifetime, but it's also kind of dizzying sometimes.
  2. Written on the page screen: Speaking of dramatic changes, one of the changes we're living through right now is the advent of digital reading technologies. I will always prefer a real book's physicality, but at the same time, I can see the benefits of doing some of my reading on an e-reader. And I really cannot help being amazed by [these images] of Kindle and iPad screens under extreme magnification, with magnified print media sources for comparison further down. Kindle's eInk technology really does emulate paper. I'm rather tempted, but it's still not quite everything I want in an e-reader yet....
  3. Words, words, words: Language is another thing that changes—sometimes dramatically—over time. [Highlights] from the latest batch of words, phrases, and meanings added to the Oxford English Dictionary from the OUP(US) blog. Some of my favorite inclusions are steampunk, vuvuzela, and "what's not to like?" (which I just used a few hours ago). I heart the OED. :)
  4. A sky full of wonder: Check out this [breathtaking panorama] of the aurora borealis above Prelude Lake in Canada's Northwest Territories. It makes me think of Philip Pullman's Northern Lights/The Golden Compass. Someday, I'm determined to see the aurora in person. That's number 3 or 4 on my list of Things To Do Before I Die.
  5. A change of seasons: Autumn is my very favorite time of the year. Beautiful trees, gorgeous skies, the lovely playfulness of sunlight and shadows ... and Banned Books Week (25 September to 2 October this year). More posts on autumn and BBW to come!

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